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Xero Shoes HFS - Men's Lightweight Barefoot-Inspired


A new lightweight, breathable mesh upper, a new tire tread-inspired sole, a silky moisture wicking lining made with “37.5” material, protected tension straps… put all of that together for your new favorite road running shoe, the HFS.

  • Lightweight road running shoe. Foot-shaped for comfort. Built for speed!
  • Grip + Comfort: Flexible to support natural foot motion, and grippy with its tire tread-inspired FeelTrue rubber sole
  • Natural Fit: A wide toe box lets your toes splay, spread, relax, and move naturally.
  • Natural Motion: Your feet can bend and flex naturally thanks to the flexible sole. A non-elevated "zero-drop" heel allows for proper posture. And the low-to-the-ground design is for balance and agility.
  • Natural Feeling: The FeelTrue rubber sole gives you just-right protection, while being minimalist enough to let your brain get the feedback it needs for you to move naturally and efficiently.
  • Barefoot Friendly, Vegan Friendly, Durable: Remove the 2mm insole for more bare foot feel. This product is free from all animal products and is backed with our 5,000 Mile Sole warranty.

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