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About Us

Welcome to Nowgevity. We are a small team of healthspan enthusiasts on a mission to help people live healthier for longer. Our goal is to arm you with useful knowledge, tools, and tricks that you can use to better manage your long-term health.

We are living an unprecedented era of innovation in personalized wellness. With Nowgevity you can keep a finger on the pulse of advances in longevity science, nutrition, exercise, sleep quality, mental wellness, and performance optimization. 

We monitor hundreds of relevant information sources in the longevity field with one objective: to bring you the most useful, actionable information we can find. We also help you discover new products and services that may be helpful in your journey towards better health.

We only sell the products that our rigorous research points to being the best in their category.  We do the research because we are interested in these products for ourselves.  We then share it to save you time.  

-The Nowgevity Team


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