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Measuring and Improving Your Sleep Biomarkers With Base

If you are not happy with the quality or consistency of your sleep, and you already have the basics of sleep hygiene covered, you might want to consider testing the levels of the hormones and chemicals known to play a role in regulating your sleep cycle and your body’s ability to relax and drift into sleep: melatonin, cortisol, vitamin D, glutamate, GABA, HbA1c, and CRP. One convenient way of doing this is offered by an at-home testing company called Base. 

Their goal is to use biomarker levels in your body to help you discover the root cause of persistent health issues and provide better, personalized recommendations to resolve them. Their sleep testing track consists of four panels: melatonin, inflammation, recovery, and cortisol. The goal is to discover the root cause of issues (1-2 months) and then develop science-backed recommendations, one test panel at a time, to address the levels that need the most work. That same panel then gets retested monthly until the results are where they need to be before moving on to the next one, this way achieving data-driven, measurable improvements over time (2-4 months).

Base offers improvement plans (billed monthly) as well as monitoring/maintenance plans (billed quarterly). The company accepts both FSA and HSA accounts. In addition to sleep improvement the company offers testing tracks for troubleshooting: stress, energy, sex drive, and diet.

Go deeper: learn more about Base’s TrackSleep program here.

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