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Bear, Lion, Wolf, or Dolphin. What Is Your Sleep Chronotype?

According to Dr. Michael Breus, a renowned sleep expert and author of The Power of When, your chronotype is a classification based on your genetic propensity to sleep earlier or later. Your chronotype is determined by the PER3 gene. Genes in the PER family encode important components of your circadian rhythms.

If you have a long PER3 gene, you’re an early riser, and you need at least 7 hours of sleep to feel good. If you have a shorter PER3 gene, you’re a late riser and can get by on less sleep. Knowing your chronotype can be a helpful cue toward optimizing your sleep for health and longevity.

As Dr. Breus explains:

Your chronotype is the natural way of showing you WHEN to sleep. If you sleep when your chronotype dictates it, then your sleep will be of higher quality. You’ll fall asleep faster, have fewer awakenings throughout the night, and maybe even sleep more deeply.

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