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The Proper Human Diet for Optimum Health - Interview with Dr. Ken Berry

This is a good interview about finding the right diet for you. Dr. Berry shares his own health journey that turned him onto the importance of nutrition in health. You might think it’s surprising to hear a doctor say that, but the truth is that medical training includes very few courses on nutrition. 

Once he experienced his own health improvement, he came to realize that much of his nutritional training was wrong. He started recommending dietary changes to his patients and began seeing extraordinary results around diabetes, osteoarthritis, and cardiovascular disease.

We like Dr. Berry’s approach to thinking about nutrition in that it stays away from the tribalism that seems to dominate nutrition discussion, especially in social media. He does have clear opinions on what the “proper human” diet is, but he encourages everyone to experiment with diet to find out what the right diet is for ourselves. He shares a lot of good strategies.

Watch the whole video here.

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