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A New Framework For Nutrition


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One of the things we like about longevity expert Dr. Peter Attia is that he applies a strategic approach to living longer. This includes his thinking about nutrition. In his view, diet comes down to managing three key levers: (1) Dietary Restriction: what you eat & don’t eat (this is traditionally where most of the focus on nutrition has been); (2) Caloric Restriction: how much you eat in a given day; and (3) Time Restriction: when you eat and don’t eat. 

The compelling thing about this framework, besides being very simple, is that it adds dimensionality to our thinking about nutrition and allows for a more dynamic approach to fit our needs and goals.

For example, just reducing the window of time during which you eat, without changing anything else, has been shown to help reduce weight and improve metabolic health. Attia recommends to always be pulling on at least 1 of these levers, often pull on 2 simultaneously, and occasionally pull on all 3.

Nutritional Information Peter Attia, M.D.


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