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Soundscapes In Tune With Your Body

If you’ve ever wished for your own personalized soundscapes to help you focus, relax and sleep better you might be interested in checking out the Endel app. This 2020 Apple Watch App of the Year uses AI to personalize soundscapes to fit your mood based on your environment (e.g., light exposure, weather) and biometrics (e.g., heart rate, activity level). According to its developers, Endel uses the pentatonic scale to create simple sounds that optimize your mental and physical wellness. We did some research, and the pentatonic scale is used in music from all over the world and is naturally soothing to most people. Some neuroscientists even suggest that the scale is hardwired into our brains, making it easily recognizable to all of us. Endel is free to download but also offers a user subscription. We found the free version to be good in its own right, with four built-in modes (relax, focus, on-the-go, and sleep). With a tap of your finger, you can switch from work to relaxation all while enjoying your own ever-evolving soundscape.

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