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Bringing mindfulness into daily life

The issue

One of the common drawbacks of how we practice meditation is that our time dedicated to mindfulness feels like an island of calm amidst our hectic lives. It is a small window of time and space that we use to get present, de-stress, and reset. Only to then return to the throes of daily life and our usual, reactive selves. That’s why we love a new feature called Moment, launched in the Waking Up meditation app.

What is it?

The app is the brainchild of Sam Harris, a neuroscientist and philosopher who also happens to be a long-standing meditation practitioner. One of the reasons Harris decided to launch Waking Up in a field already filled with hundreds of meditation apps, is that he found most options did not go far enough in harnessing the power of mindfulness.

As Harris explains it: 

the goal of meditation is not to merely reduce stress. The goal is to discover something about the nature of your mind such that you can experience clarity and freedom at any moment in your life.” 

While guided meditation and the theory of mindfulness are a big part of the app, its deeper purpose is to create a tool that helps people bridge the gap between formal meditation and the rest of their lives. 

This is where the new feature ‘Moment’ comes in. It consists of short audio clips that are sent as notifications to your phone. The idea is to help you bring the practice of mindfulness into your daily routine, through brief interruptions during the day. Over time, this will help you to reframe how you think about the relationship between formal meditation practice and the rest of your life. Think of it as a type of “mindfulness alarm.” 


We’ve been using the new ‘Moment’ feature in the Waking Up meditation app for a few days now, and so far we are loving it! The quick mindfulness notifications sent to our phone several times a day are allowing us to implement mindfulness more seamlessly into our daily routines. You can try the app free for 30 days here. Let us know what you think!

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