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A masterclass intro to the inhale and breathwork…

We have set goal to better understand the role of the breath and breathwork in our longevity protocols. We feel that the breath is a such a vital element that fundamentally affects our health as well as our mental well-being. Yet we pay very little attention to it.

In fact, we confess we know precious little about different types of breath work. Lucky for us we ran across a great video just on this topic put together by

Breathlab is a:

“no-nonsense open forum for dynamic discussions around all things breathwork, growth shifts, consciousness & the science behind the function.”

The session is a great window int breathwork. It kind of felt like diving at the deep end of the pool, but we definitely feel like we learned a lot. The discussion was hosted by Sage Rader and Pamela Gold and includes an impressive group of experts, each with their unique POVs and experiences: Dan Brule, Dr. Peter Litchfield, Brian MacKenzie, Kasper Van Der Meulen Jill Miller

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