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This Company Is Advancing the Frontier of Therapeutic Treatments of Aging

BioAge Labs is a great example of the new generation of innovative companies breaking the boundaries of what is thought to be possible about treating aging as a disease. At the core of their innovation is an AI-driven platform that is analyzing millions of data points from samples taken from healthy humans spanning proteomics, metabolomics, and transcriptomics information paired with extensive follow-up records that detail healthspan, lifespan, and disease outcomes. The ability to analyze this massive amount of information has allowed the company to rapidly identify aging pathways that can be targeted with therapeutic drugs. 

One such pathway the company has identified is the Hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF), the activation of which is significantly associated with longevity and many functional health measures. BioAge has identified a molecule called BGE-117 that can activate HIF target genes and treat multiple diseases of aging that affect tissue regeneration, generation of red blood cells and new blood vessels, as well as glucose uptake. The company’s unique approach has alos secured it the backing of some of the biggest funds in Silicon Valley.

Go Deeper: Listen to BioAge Labs CEO Kristen Fortney explain how the company is using AI to discover therapeutics of aging.

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