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Elevian Is Helping Its Customers Delay Aging

Elevian Aging Longevity Logo

Elevian is a Boston-based company founded by a team of Harvard scientists that has been pioneering research in the field of regenerative biology. Their mission is to develop therapeutics that aid cells in maintaining their ability to regenerate, and thus slow (or stop?) the aging process.

Elevian Mission Statement

The company was inspired by breakthrough research that showed that older animals, when transfused with the blood of young animals, experience regeneration across many tissues and organs. The opposite effect was also demonstrated: young animals, when transfused with the blood of older animals, experience accelerated aging.

Now the researchers are identifying the mechanisms that create this effect. For example, a naturally occurring molecule known as “growth differentiation factor 11” (“GDF11”), when injected into aged mice, reproduces many of the regenerative effects of young blood. GDF11 supplementation reduces age-related cardiac hypertrophy, accelerates skeletal muscle repair, improves exercise capacity, improves brain function and cerebral blood flow, and improves metabolism.

Elevian is now developing a number of drugs that can regulate the production of GDF11 and restore our body’s natural regenerative capacity. Elevian adheres to the idea, popularized by Aubrey de Grey, that this type cellular “maintenance” can address the root causes of age-associated diseases.

The company is currently in preclinical trials on four tracks covering Type II Diabetes, coronary disease, stroke recovery, and Alzheimer's.

What you can do:

Elevian is a few years away from bringing their therapeutics to the market. However, familiarizing yourself with the Hallmarks of Aging and learning about currently available strategies that can help sustain cellular health, will help buy you time!


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