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What Is MAGE and What Are Its Implications for Healthspan

If you have been a Nowgevity reader for a while, you know we are big fans of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM). One compelling reason for using a CGM that we haven’t delved into is determining your Mean Amplitude Glycemic Excursions (MAGE). This is a measurement of how much your glucose levels travel over a period of time, particularly after eating a meal. To maximize your healthspan, your goal should be to keep your MAGE in a tight band. Why? The magnitude of these changes in glucose levels is associated with multiple negative health outcomes, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and age-related cognitive decline. 

Here are a couple of data points:

  • A study published in theJournal of the American Heart Association that examined the impact of MAGE on cardiovascular outcomes in non-diabetic patients with coronary artery disease (n=65) showed that the cardiovascular event rate was significantly higher in the high MAGE group than the low MAGE group (26.4% vs. 11.8%, P=0.038) during a follow-up period of just 272 days
  • According to neuroscientistDr. Tommy Woods, a 2-year study on the effects of a type of anti-diabetic drug called gliptins showed that MAGE was the best predictor of cognitive decline among participants. Improvements in MAGE also worked as predictors or improvements in cognitive function
MAGE in Continuous Glucose Monitoring Levels App

MAGE Point shown in the continuous glucose monitoring app Levels

Go deeper: According to multiple sources, the ideal range to keep MAGE is 30-50 ml/dl post-meal. So, get a CGM and start measuring! Two options areLevels Health andNutrisense.

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