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What Are Health Hacks?

From our research here at Nowgevity, we believe that 80% of the formula for living healthier, longer lies in the four basic pillars: nutrition, exercise, sleep, and mental wellness. The other 20% comes from what we call “Health Hacks.” We use this term to differentiate from the broader concept of “biohacking,” which can conjure up images of DIY biologists and microchips under the skin. ​​For us, “Health Hacks” simply refers to actions that we can take to improve our overall health and/or our physical and cognitive performance.

​We identify three main components of “health hacking”: (1) Data: this refers to any quantifiable insight about what is actually happening inside our bodies, e.g., blood markers over time, and anything else that provides insight. This piece is critical since, “if it doesn’t get measured, it can’t be managed/improved.”; (2) Experimentation: every body is different, so we are highly skeptical of the one-size-fits-all approach to health (and thus longevity) that generally defines most of the world’s health care systems. We think being rigorous about trying different things to find what works best for each of us can yield far better long-term results; and (3) Community: “Health Hacking” is most productive when you are part of a group of folks sharing the same interests, learning about and trying similar things, or struggling with the same issues. 

​​That’s why we encourage everyone to join our private community, where fellow Nowgevity members share their learnings and ask for advice. The science in this field is fast-moving; it helps when we can look to each other to stay on top of it all. Check out some of the in-depth discussions fellow members have had as they support each other on their longevity journey.

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