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This company is building a next-generation health tracking platform.

Combining behavioral data with health outcomes to identify how our habits impact our health.


Evidation Health Next Generation Health Platform

Evidation is a company that is truly thinking outside the box when it comes to health tracking. Their focus is on finding “new ways to measure health in everyday life.” What this means is that they track behavioral data, what you do every day, and then correlate it to your health outcomes.

Focusing on how your daily behavior affects your health outcomes could lead to a great shift in preventative medicine. We at Nowgevity believe that connecting specific behaviors to a concrete health outcome is the first step on the path to improvement. That’s why we are such fans of testing and of companies like Evidation that is paving the way to personalized, preventative longevity protocols.

Evidation is democratizing medical discovery and empowering individuals, doctors, and researchers in ways we couldn’t have imagined a decade ago. With its new data platform, Evidation is helping us to better understand how to treat and potentially even prevent chronic disease

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