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Season of Me: The Glucose Monitoring App of Your Dreams

We are not shy about our enthusiasm for using Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs) to level up metabolic health.  Getting real time data on how your glucose levels respond to different foods, exercise routines, and external stressors can be a game changer.  Consequently, it was exciting for us to learn about a new option in the rapidly growing CGM field:  

What makes different from other CGM companies, is a powerful machine learning model that can accurately predict your glucose response to different foods and recommend healthier alternatives.  It can also suggest the level of activity (i.e. walking) needed to bring down a spike in glucose.

For its official launch, the company presented the results of a 1,000-person clinical study at the American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions Conference.  They showed that after 4 days of input, January’s proprietary algorithm learned an individualized model for each participant, allowing it to make personalized recommendations. The outcome: in just 10 days, over 70% of participants improved their the amount of time their blood glucose remained within a healthy target zone

The company’s Season of Me program runs for 90 days and it is set in three stages: (1) an initial learning stage of 15 days during which the app tracks how your metabolism reacts to the food through the CGM and heart rate monitor readings together with the activities you log; (2) a 15 training period during which the app teaches you different strategies to preemptively manage your glucose level; and (3) a 60-day maintenance period where you build in these techniques to your daily routine in order to master your metabolic health.  The program currently retails for $288

January AI Product Overview Screenshot

Go deeper: you can sign-up for the Season of Me program here.

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