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Product Spotlight: Keto-Mojo Bluetooth Meter Kit

The Keto Mojo is a tracker of ketones and glucose levels. An essential tool for Keto success.

Why is it interesting?

Having success with a Keto diet really requires you to track two key biomarkers:

  1. Body ketones
  2. Blood glucose levels

The Keto Mojo meter allows you to track both, providing a basic feedback mechanism that is based on data from your metabolism. By learning how different foods and other lifestyle habits affect these two biomarkers, you can really dial-in your keto diet or any variation thereof.

So if you are trying a Keto for weight loss, diabetes, therapeutic purposes, or general health benefits, having a tool like this one will greatly increase your chances of success. Once you get a sense of what foods or habits drive up your Ketones and lower your glucose levels, you’ll start seeing it reflected in improving markers. Seeing the needle moving can be incredibly motivating. This is mirrored by a promising review we found:

Finally seeing hard data (I’ve used the urine dipstick and breath meter measurements as well) that I can really trust has made getting into and staying in ketosis so much more fun and enjoyable. I feel accountable and I love the feeling of seeing the numbers reflect my disciplined nutrition. I feel so much more comfortable experimenting with foods, exercise, and timing since I have such accurate information to guide me.

Gary p.

How does a ketone or glucose meter work?

The meter uses a testing strip on which you put a drop of blood drawn from pricking your finger with a lancet device. The procedure is quite painless.

The basic Keto-Mojo kit comes with all the elements you need to get started: the meter, glucose and ketone strips, a lancet devise and some lancets.

One cool feature this meter has is the bluetooth capability that allows you to sync with the Keto Mojo app and track your history. The app looks pretty basic right now. As you can see in the screenshots, you can monitor trends for ketones and glucose. You can also export your data via CSV.

The App’s rating in the Apple store is only 2.5 on 146 reviews. The most common complaint, aside from folks asking for features, is troubleshooting syncing problems with the meter.

We noticed that the Keto-Mojo founder responds to all the reviews. He recognizes the app needs to evolve and appears to be open to user suggestions. One missed opportunity is around content. The Keto-Mojo website has a lot of educational content on on keto and testing protocols. It would also be useful to have a journal to track things like food and exercise along with your readings.

The backstory of the company is also interesting. The founder, Dorian Greenow was not living his best self (that’s him in the pictures above). He felt constantly tired, was on anti-depressants and had many markers for metabolic syndrome. In his words:

I had completely lost my mojo. After much research, it became evident that the Ketogenic lifestyle was a path to measurable success. My wife, Gemma, and I started a lazy clean ketogenic diet and within six months I had lost 47 lbs. I came off all medications and finally felt like I was getting my mojo back. The ketogenic lifestyle changed my life so I wanted to give back and help “be the change.”

With such an origin story, if feels good to support this company even if their meter might be comparable to other offerings put out by big pharma. 

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