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Need to know: the connection between intermittent fasting and chronic inflammation

We know that chronic inflammation contributes significantly to aging.  It basically means that your immune system goes into overdrive over prolonged periods of time and has a hard time shutting off.  This “overstressing” of your system is linked to the acceleration of many chronic diseases.

The good news is that scientists have established a link between intermittent fasting and improvement in inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.  A recent study published by Cell showed short-term fasting drastically reduced the number of circulating white blood cells, thereby reducing inflammatory activity.

This has to do in part with the activation of an enzyme known as AMPK which is a low-energy sensor in the cell.  AMPK activation ultimately results in lower mobilization of white blood cells from bone marrow and dials back the inflammatory response.

Another good reason to give intermittent fasting a try! 

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