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Heads Up Health: a dashboard for your health

Heads Up Health Biomarker Tracking

If you are a health optimizer sooner or later you run into the problem of having health & activity-related data siloed in a number of apps or platforms. When you do, you might want to check out Heads Up Health.

This Phoenix-based start-up has set out to develop a single health dashboard. The app allows you to connect to many popular health trackers including Keto-Mojo, Cronometer, Oura, MyFitnessPal, Apple Health, FitBit, Elite HRV, MyMacros+, LEVL, Ketonix among others.

One of Heads Up’s fans is no other other than Rob Wolff. His quote on the Heas Up site sums it up:  

“You cannot change what you do not track! In the modern world of “quantified self” there are nearly limitless options for tracking of various biomarkers and lab values. What’s important? How does one make sense of it? Heads Up Health is unique in that it offers tracking capabilities that focus on the things that matter most. They offer a user experience that is intuitive and informative so you can track, understand, and change those areas of your life and physiology that matter most."

For individuals, the platform costs is $9.00 per month. You can get a 46% discount if you pay for a full year. You can also purchase a lifetime subscription for $199.

Learn more here.

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