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Food Color Matters

We have a nutrition hack that will set you free from the pressure of needing to achieve diet perfection. Are you ready? Here it is—increase your fruit or vegetable consumption by addingjust oneadditional serving of fruit or vegetables to your meals per day. It might not seem impactful, but thanks to thePremack principle pairing something you already do (i.e., eat) with a small adjustment (i.e., one additional serving of fruit or veg) over time is a more sustainable form of behavior change and is likely to produce better results than trying to change everything at once. If you aren’t a fruit and veggie person and need inspiration of where to start, check outEating In Color.  This cookbook is packed with colorful recipes guaranteed to help you hit your nutrient goals while consuming a variety of fiber-rich, gut-healthy fruits and vegetables.

Eating In Color Book

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