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An Operating System for Our Body: The Gyroscope App

Here at Nowgevity we are fans of clean dashboards that make it easier for us to track our health and progress in our goals. So we decided to take a closer look at an app calle Gyroscope

Gyroscope is a self-quantification tool that allows you to combine all of your health data into one integrated analysis of your habits and wellbeing. Gyroscope synchronizes with wearables or apps you might already use (Strava, Runkeeper, Fitbit, Apple HealthKit and Jawbone, to name a few) to give you a full health context of your life. 

Gyroscope Health Tracking App Integrated
Several health trackers analyzed in one single place. 

The Power of Data

According to Gyroscope’s media releases, their system not only can sync and analyze these large amounts of data, but actually gets more accurate and intelligent as more things are added. 

Anand Sharma, CEO and Founder at Gyroscope Innovations shares:

“At Gyroscope, we have access to one of the largest repositories of human health and behavior that has ever existed. This let us deeply analyze these issues and work on new solutions to address the root cause of health problems rather than just patching the symptoms.”

Data is no good if we can’t access it easily and draw conclusions from the changes we see. Gyroscope aims to solve this problem.

Health Score: Your Health Companion 

Gyroscope App Health Score

Personalized recommendations based on your habits.

Gyroscope’s Health Score integrates the analysis of all the data and shares personalized tips for optimizing your performance. The gamification of the key aspects of your health—your fitness, your sleep, your diet, and even your immune system—helps you to keep motivation to follow your goals. 

Fitness Tracking

Fitness Tracking App Gyroscope iPhone Android

Everything you need to know for your routine

Gyroscope syncs with several fitness apps like Runkeeper, Strava, Apple Watch, Fitbit and Jawbone wearables to easily pull in your activity data. You can also integrate smart scales to analyze your weight and body fat.

Sleep Tracking

Sleep Tracking Gyroscope App HealthExtensive analysis of your sleep patterns

Sleep is a key pillar of longevity; and everything that can be measured, can be improved. For sleep tracking, Gyroscope uses a wide variety of data to know about your sleep, and does not depend on a single wearable or source of information. Details about how their Sleep AI works are described here

Nutrient Analysis

Nutrient Analysis Gyroscope Health TrackerMeasure your nutrition and its impact on your body

One of the most interesting functionalities are Gyroscope’s nutrient detection by photo analysis. We are used to taking pictures of our food, but now those pictures can tell you much more about your nutrition and calorie count. The Gyroscope platform finds what was in your plate, and adds the information into your account. 

Health Stats

Health Stats Gyroscope App Blood Heart Health

Expand your health data and track even more

Health data can be so detailed that even experts have difficulties to see the big picture or find patterns. Analyzing all kinds of health data with artificial intelligent algorithms might reveal a lot more than we think at first. In addition, the more historical data you have, the easier it is to spot small trends over time.

Weight Loss App Tracker Gyroscope

Activity monitor for your body: Get detailed reports of your progress.

Personalized Coaching

If you feel like splurging. Gyroscope also offers personalized health coaching through the app. For $150 you gain unlimited access to your health coach. In addition to guiding you in terms of exercise and nutrition, the coach functions as your accountability partner, helping you stick to your plans and build healthy habits. 

We like this option, even for a month or two to learn the basics from the coach on the levers we can pull to make adjustments and how we can track the results through the app. 

If you have experience with Gyroscope or you decide to try the app, let us know what you think here

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