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Aging biomarkers are the critical path to significantly extend healthy lifespan

Last week the Nowgevity team attended the Eurosyposium on Healthy Aging.  This is a biennial gathering of some of the leading scientists in the field of longevity.  This year’s agenda was focused on the critical importance of advancing our understanding of aging biomarkers, with presentations from Aubrey de Grey, Nir Barzilai, Irina Conboy, and Ilia Stambler among other distinguished speakers. 

There is a clear consensus among this group that measuring and understanding the differences between biological and chronological age is the key to implementing targeted and personalized strategies to delay the aging process.   

Aging is thought to be the result of the accumulation of damage at the cellular level.  A broad set of methods known as biological “clocks” (e.g. telomere length, DNA methylation) have been devised to be able to determine how much cumulative damage your cells have.  Your biological age reflects a combination of your genetics and lifestyle factors (i.e. diet, exercise, etc) that impact gene expression.

Rather than relying on a single biomarker of biological aging, the scientists at the Symposium concur that the goal should be to combine different biomarkers of aging to develop a robust and integral measure of aging and degenerative processes.  By pulling together reliable information about aging of all systems of the body (immune, cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous, etc.) we can derive new insights on how the body ages.

The event included presentations of various efforts by both scientists and private companies to apply machine learning and AI techniques to very large health databases as a way to identify aging biomarkers.  Here are a few really cool examples you should check out:  Mortality Predictors, and Gero Protectors

Here is a video of the full proceedings of the conference.  Enjoy!

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