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A Data-Driven Meditation Coach

In addition to being one of the pillars for self- compassion, mindfulness in the form of meditation practice has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression by altering EEG brain waves. Specifically, meditation has been linked with the production of alpha waves that help induce a sense of calm, downregulate the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) stress axis, and decrease stress hormones

However, as popular as meditation has become, one question that continuously comes up for people who are new to the practice is: is this actually working?! If this sounds like you, then the Muse 2 Brain Sensing Headband might be worth a try. This innovative headband uses EEG technology to monitor your brain activity while you meditate. It feeds the info to your smartphone so that you can view what’s happening in real time and track your progress. It can also give you cues while you are practicing so that you get the most out of your sessions. The Muse 2 retails online for $250. 

If you are looking for a slightly more cost-effective alternative, the Flowtime Biosensing Meditation Headband uses similar technology as the Muse to monitor brain waves. It has fewer reviews on Amazon than the Muse but the level of the ratings are comparable.

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