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Try this to increase mobility, improve posture, and reduce chronic pain. It takes 4 minutes.

What is it

The  Egoscue Method is a type of postural therapy. It was developed byPete Egoscue, a war verteran who set out to find a solution to his chronic pain resulting from battle wounds.

His story follows a familiar path: he initially relied on medical experts to address his condition, but their solutions were focused on managing the symptoms rather than getting to the root causes. So he began to look elsewhere for ways to manage his pain. His exploration ultimately led him to the realization that the root cause of his chronic pain was his posture and balance. 

With this insight, he developed and perfected over time a system ofhundreds of gentle exercises that—when done with proper form and in the right sequence— “can restore posture, eliminate chronic pain, and increase functional mobility.”

Try it for yourself in 4 minutes or less.

In this video, Brian Bradleya 25 year-veteran of the Egoscue Methodgives us an idea of what to expect from this type of work by showing 4 easy exercises to get started.

We are pretty sure they will very quickly reconnect you with your body, especially if you spend a lot of time sitting during the day. 

You may have come across Bradley before. He has been the trainer of many athletes and celebrities. Among them is Tony Robbins, who not only has Brian as his personal trainer, he also relies on him to get his crowds going at his marathon events.

So here we go: 4 minutes to feeling better no matter where you are.

#1 Standing-up arm circles

You will love the way your hips open by positioning your feet straight to slightly pigeon toed. The arm circles really wring some tension from your upper back and shoulders.


#2 Elbow-curls

These are really effective. Pulling your elbows back gives a good stretch to the chest and definitely leaves you standing up straighter. It also relieves a good amount of shoulder tension.


#3 Overhead extension

This is a killer (in a good way) stretch that helps restore your shoulder rotation. If your mobility is in any way constrained or tight, this will help you pinpoint where. We get the sense that if you do this gently but repeatedly, things will finally loosen up over time.


#4 “The ultimate abdominal exercise” (It’s not what you think)

If you have been sitting for a while, this exercise will energize you. It will also activate your core muscles to stabilize your trunk and your pelvis. A strong core is fundamental to healthy posture. 


The best thing about this routine is that, in just 4 minutes, you can really reconnect with your body and your posture. No matter your current level of mobility, these exercises can be done gently and we guarantee you, leave you feeling better.

If you want to go deeper into this methodology you can find a trainer near you  here. You can also explore at-home training  here.


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