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A different way to make your bones stronger

We all lose bone density as we grow older

Our bone density tends to peak at around the age of 30, and after that we begin to gradually lose bone mass. Women in particular see a steep decline in bone density due to the hormonal changes associated with menopause. According to the  International Osteoporosis Foundation, 1 in 2 women will break a bone after age 50 due to osteoporosis.

Lifetime bone mass trendline for men and women


While men don’t experience the same steep drop in bone mass, their bones do also become increasingly fragile over time. In fact, men have a higher risk of breaking a bone due to osteoporosis than of getting diseases such as prostate cancer.

This risk can be exacerbated by other underlying health conditions and unhealthy lifestyle choices.

The traditional prescription for maintaining the health of aging bones, besides healthy nutrition (i.e. sufficient calcium, vitamin D and protein), has long been to perform load-bearing exercises with weights or similar gym equipment.

Unfortunately, this type of high impact exercise can tend to increase the risk of injury, so many people opt to phase them out of their workout routines as they get older. 

A different alternative - OsteoStrong

OsteoStrong is a system designed to emulate the effects of high impact exercise without any of the potential risks and side effects. The system is based on the concept of “osteogenic loading,” which basically requires creating sufficient pressure on your bones to trigger the process of new bone generation (osteogenesis). The higher the load you can place on your bones, the stronger the stimulus is to create new bone tissue.

Osteogenesis - skeletal loads by acitity

The OsteoStrong solution consists of 4 robotic musculoskeletal treatment devices, each designed to emulate load bearing exercises (they look like normal gym equipment). The movements you perform on these machines stimulate your central nervous system in a way that tells your brain to trigger osteogenesis. And unlike lengthy and frequent gym sessions, the circuit takes about 10 minutes to complete and you only need to do it once a week.

The company behind the OsteoStrong system claims that, after 12 months of use, bone mass density can increase by as much as 14%. Prolonged use has shown that bone density can be brought to levels that are more than 2 standard deviations above the normal distribution observed in the general population. 

The strengthening of your skeletal frame also has positive downstream effects, allowing your muscles to get stronger, enhancing your balance and agility, improving posture, and even helping you lower your blood glucose levels.

According to internal OsteoStrong data, the solution boasts impressive strength-building 

Strength gain case study


What you can do

Osteoporosis is a  silent condition, meaning you typically don’t know you have it until you break a bone. In our research we have not yet come across any other company offering a solution similar to OsteoStrong. So, if you are concerned about maintaining bone health, especially if you are a woman approaching or past menopause, you might want to consider giving this system a try. The first session is free and you can find an OsteoStrong location near you  here


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