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Move Better with Sparta Science

Here at Nowgevity, we keep finding reaffirmations in the science that maintaining mobility as we age is a key ingredient to increasing healthspan. That’s why we are always on the lookout for good tips on how to achieve this goal, and ended up finding some great ones from Dr. Phil Wagner. He is an expert on movement and injury prevention, and the Founder & CEO of Sparta Science. 

Sparta’s mission is to “help everyone to move better” by marrying movement technology and data science. With this goal in mind, Dr. Wagner and his team developed a state-of-the-art system that combines a force plate with machine learning to analyze an individual’s mobility and identify opportunities to increase their fitness and prevent injury. This system has been embraced by many professional sports teams.

Here is Dr. Wagner himself, demonstrating some key stretches we can do to increase our mobility. 

#1: Improve Movement in the Hip Joint with the Reverse Lunge

#2: Improve your Lateral Stability with the Lateral Lunge

#3: Improve Trunk Stability by utilizing the Side Bridge

#4: Improve Rotational Range of Motion with the Rotational Lunge

#5: Utilizing the Heel Sit Rotation exercise to mobilize your thoracic spine 

 #6: The Best Way to Activate your Core and Glutes Before you Train

See the video here.

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