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It’s Never Been Easier to Get Rid of Those Nettlesome Aches and Pain.

As we grow older, many of us learn to tolerate and coexist with little faults in our musculoskeletal system. A pain in a hip that shows up when we sit for too long. A muscle in our shoulder that screams at us when we move our arm in a certain way. While a nuisance, these pains may not outweigh the hassle of getting our doctors to prescribe physical therapy and then hauling ourselves multiple times a week to perform 20 minutes of exercise at yet some other location under the watchful eye of a physical therapist. Especially not during the pandemic. So we end up just accepting them as a cost imposed by age. The good news, it’s that it’s never been easier to tap into the know-how of expert physical therapists from the comfort of our own homes. What’s even better, is that for conditions that are not too serious, much of this know-how is accessible for free. Here are a two of our favorite resources so you can get rid of these unwanted passengers: The [P]rehapGuys & No Muscle Pain

Go deeper: if you need the guidance of a physical therapist, check out Egoscue (remote) or Luna (therapist comes to you - limited coverage).

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