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GMB - A Fitness Program To Move And Feel Better

GMB Fitness is an online training program that has piqued our interest because of its refreshing approach to exercise. The purpose of this system is for you to achieve “Physical Autonomy”: maintaining a body that can do what you want it to, unhindered by nagging pains or the usual ‘limitations’ we may pick up from injury or aging. 

While many fitness approaches focus primarily on strength or cardio by repeating the same workout routines, GMB actually looks like fun. The system sits firmly at the intersection of flexibility/mobility, strength, and control. They call it “movement reeducation” for real people, and we like what we see -- their tone is very knowledgeable but relatable and realistic, and they break things down for anyone of any ability level to get started easily. There are hundreds of free tutorials and instructional articles, a 1-week free trial, and even a quiz to identify which training ‘program’ might be best for you based on your personal objectives. 

Go deeper: Their article “Bodyweight Exercises for Beginners: The 5 “Basics” and What to Do Instead” is a good example of their approach and relatability. Their article “Badass for Life: Learning to Overcome the Challenges of Aging” does a nice job of explaining how the way we exercise needs to change with age, and what can and can’t be overcome.

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