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Exercise Improves the Composition of Your Microbiome

The gut has a wide variety of microbes that help us stay healthy, but fluctuations in the type or number of gut bacteria can have serious health consequences, such as systemic inflammation, gastrointestinal (GI) disorders, and even some mental health conditions. 

While it is commonly known that taking probiotics or including fermented foods in our diet can help us keep our gut microbiome healthy, we were surprised to find that exercise can also help. According to one study, endurance training is an impactful (and cost-effective) way to stay on top of our gut health! In this comprehensive review of current literature on exercise and the gut microbiome, researchers found that progressive endurance training increases the diversity and number of beneficial bacteria in the gut. According to the review, studies in which participants engaged in 30-60 mins of aerobic exercise at least 3 times per week were able to achieve a measurable improvement. 

Go deeper: Check out these additional studies to learn more about the effect of exercise on the gut biome: 

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