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Bad news: We exercise a lot less than we think. Good news: We’ve been overestimating how much we need to.

The benefits of physical activity may be greater, and the levels of activity at which they occur may be lower than previously considered.

Even a light level of exercise can have a significant impact on your mortality risk. (MVPA = moderate to vigorous physical activity.

What: Using accelerometers to objectively measure physical activity, it has been found that people significantly over-report how much they exercise. But that also means that previous studies have been underestimating the effect of physical activity on health outcomes. The benefits of physical activity are about 2.5 times better for you than previously thought!

Takeaway: The benefits of exercise are much more achievable than what current guidelines suggest, and even a little exercise is highly advantageous for your health and lifespan. This means that exercising might be the single most important thing for lowering your mortality risk. So, step up from your chair now and go for a walk!

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